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The HSA Toolkit
The HSA Toolkit Enables Insurance Agents to Effectively Sell and Install HSAs

The HSA Tool Kit is a suite of tools developed for the purpose of helping agents effectively sell Health Savings Accounts (HSA), along with qualified high deductible health plans. These tools have been developed over the course of the last 12 years by Scott M. Stevens, RHU, an insurance professional who has helped thousands of employers transition to “spending account” based health plans. In 1996, he led a team of insurance professionals at a Chicago based health insurance company that introduced one of the first such health plans in the U.S. The HSA Tool Kit provides practical, proven tools to help insurance professionals sell both employers and employees on the concept of using HSAs, along with high deductible plans, to reduce costs, plan for the future, and improve employee morale. Included in the HSA Tool Kit are:
  This effective power point presentation illustrates the need for HSAs, and more importantly, shows employers how they will save money. HSAs are defined, and some of the basic requirements are highlighted.
  This highly refined power point presentation walks plan participants through “healthcare 101”, so they understand the challenge of providing affordable, comprehensive health insurance. It then drills down into the most fundamental attributes of HSAs and the required qualified high deductible health plans (QHDHP) that are established on their behalf. Comparisons between “traditional” and HSA/QHDHP plans are made, which help plan participants visualize the differences in coverage. Sample claims paid by both traditional and HSA based coverage are shown, which again, help plan participants see how the plan works, and the advantages of HSA based plans over traditional coverage.
  This one page document provides a quick and easy summary of all the pertinent aspects of HSAs. An excellent document to use with both employers and plan participants, this form answers the majority of questions people generally have relative to HSAs. Essentially, it is a summarization of a half inch of regulations and rules provided by the government.
  This one page document provides a list of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement by an HSA enabling participants to see what they can use their HSA funds for, without incurring penalties or taxes. Like the Fact Sheet, it is a significantly pared down version of government regulations (Section 213(d) of the IRS code).
  This unique proposal format combines the cost of QHDHP coverage with various employer HSA contribution scenarios, helping employers see the total cost of implementing such a program. Additionally, it provides a summary of the employer’s current traditional coverage, and compares it with the new, QHDHP/HSA coverage, allowing the employer to see the whole picture. Included are the deductible offsets for the various HSA contribution scenarios, so the employer can see the difference in benefits between the plans, once the HSA is factored into the benefit design.
  This forecasting device enables the employer to plug in various premium contribution percentages, for both employee and dependent coverage, and calculate plan costs on an individual employee, employer total, monthly and annual basis. It also enables employers to plug in various HSA contribution scenarios, taken from the QHDHP/HSA Proposal, and again, calculate total costs, allowing more sound decision making.
  This article, written by the developer of The HSA Tool Kit, appeared in the January 2003 issue of HIU (Health Insurance Underwriter) magazine. Both the need for, and positive outcome of offering spending account based health insurance plans like HSAs and HRAs are thoroughly discussed, and provide the reader with a sound basis for implementing such plans.
Scott Stevens Scott M. Stevens RHU, is an employee benefits specialist located in Omaha, NE. Stevens specializes in alternate funding arrangements including partial self funding and consumer driven health plans (e.g. HSA, HRA, FSA), and has helped thousands of employer groups transition to such plans over a 20+ year career in healthcare financing and insurance. [Complete Bio ]
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