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The HSA Toolkit
The HSA Toolkit Enables Insurance Agents to Effectively Sell and Install HSAs


The following articles were written by the author of The HSA Toolkit, Scott M. Stevens, RHU.

The New Role of the Health Insurance Professional in the CDH Era



Common Sense Consumerism - The Cure for What Ails Our Healthcare System


MSAs - Big Benefits for Small Business


US Department of Treasury

Summary: HSA Technical Guidance


Consumers for Healthcare Choices

Summary: CHCC is a 501(C)4 not-for-profit grass roots organization that represents the views of the health care consumer to policy makers and industry leadership . The membership consists of consumers from all walks of life, and all professions from across the nation.


Great-West HSA Driver's Ed


Put your money where your mouth is

Summary: Employers that contribute to their employees’ health savings accounts achieve higher rates of employee participation with the accounts than those that don’t.

Summary: is an online community for people interested in or using health savings accounts (HSAs). Our free educational resources and community of advocates is intended to support the adoption of Health Savings Accounts as a positive change in American healthcare.

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